Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Until we meet again

I just downloaded the Gracia patch yesterday. It took me around 2.5 hours to complete the patch--no problem encountered so far. Unfortunately when I opened my log-in screen, I see this:

It looks like I'm the only one having this problem, and I think I know the reason why--my graphics card is very much below the minimum required to play this game.

So what does this mean for me? Yep, it's time to save on a new graphics card. Unfortunately, that means no more gametime loading until then.

I'll be leaving the world of Ether a second time, but hopefully I can come back to it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I'll be going here.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soulshot Dependency Syndrome

Hi, I'm Alcarcalimo and I'm addicted to Soulshots.

I initially disdained using these things except for large yellow mobs but now, I even use them on blue ones--yes blue ONES. I don't know why, but it maybe because of the large blue lights that sparkle when you hit a monster or the additional damage it does but definitely, I cannot move without at least 2.5 k of it on me.

I am now on a long road to being a Blademaster but has chosen not to continue until I get enough soulshots to end my tasks. I want to buy 5,000 just to finish the second task, and a further 5,000 on the last one.

I need help....

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Monday, August 18, 2008

First Castle Defense Experience

The other day, I participated in my first castle defense. I was at Goddard along with my clanmates at Infinity and the other alliance members, setting up positions within the castle. It was a surprise to know that there were only 2 of us from the academy that was there. The others may be in hiding because they don't want to lose their precious exp points.

I knew that the battle would start at 8 PM and was very excited. Unfortunately the worst happened. The time came and I got suddenly disconnected.

I immediately went to work to restarting my PC to get back into the game. When I reappeared I was with the Goddard Castle Teleporter. I then read on the Alliance chat that the throne room was being attacked--the enemy got in!!! I raced to the throne room and it was swarming with opponents and their alliances. I was very surprised to see so many characters in one place. Probably the same reason why it lagged like hell as well.

Eventhough it would take damage, I jumped from the balcony straight to the the location of the Seal. Unfortunately, an Orc hit me and I died right there and then. I was expecting to be revived in the throneroom but was surprised to see myself in Goddard Town. The castle was lost!

Our Clan Leader Jercouzen then reorganized us to attack the castle-wave after wave. Unfortunately on my third time the disconnection again happened. This time, there was no going back. My ISP said that they were repairing the damage but it would take time. There was a strong rain outside and could not leave my family.

It was only today that I knew the castle was permanently taken over by our foes. Trash talking was all over the forums today. I decided not to post there anymore as it would further enhance the flame surrounding that thread.

Yes, I lost 25% of my exp that night but it was something I'll never forget.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ashlianna: The Immobilizing Guardian

There I was, going to and fro Giran, Dion, the Dwarf's Village, and the Execution Grounds to fulfill my quest to be a full-blooded Bladedancer when all of a sudden I saw a very unfamiliar site.

In the Dark Elf's Guild was an elf. She was wearing a formal gown of some type. I just had to look and see what someone from the opposite side of the race was doing there. Lo and behold it was a Guardian, Guardian Ashlianna...

Her name would be familiar to Lineage 2 SEA Forumers as she has been sought after by many of the male population. She even has a fanclub thread devoted to her.

After a few chats, a little dance, and an immobility spell (that held me to the ground while she prances away), I found out that behind that elven smile was another person who would just want to make our playing lives in Lineage a bit better.

So guys, ease up on her.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gracia Update: Gates Open on August 26

Here's what I've gathered so far:
  • There will be no PTS: Yes folks, it goes straight to the retail servers.
  • Part 1 will be implemented: Vitality Points, lower equipment costs, and unlimited teleport for newbies!
  • There will be no Item Malls (yet): It'll be implemented globally when Part 2 comes in.
Whew, can't wait for August 26!

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NCSoft's saving grace

It's been reported in Businesswire that NCSoft gained a profit this second quarter 2008: $78.6 M to be exact. Compared to the same quarter last year, it's 7% better this time around.

The reason, according to NCSoft are the massive closures of Lineage 2 private servers and the Gracia update.Here's a breakdown of game title and sales:
  1. Lineage 2: $33.6 M
  2. Lineage: $27.2 M
  3. City of Heroes/Villains: $5.5 M
  4. Guild Wars: $4.9 M
  5. Tabula Rasa: $1.9 M
Considering that Lineage 2 is supposed to be an "aging" game, it's still kicking butt out there.

With Aion coming out late this year, they may even be able to make more profit. I hope that this will mean more content created for Lineage 2.


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Sunday, August 3, 2008

AMDG puts its foot down on RMT

For those unfamiliar with Real Money Trading (RMT) look here first.

AMDG just floored the community with news last night regarding its fight against RMT/Adena sellers.

On to date, AsianMedia is standing firm to address the RMT concern in Lineage II. A total of 50,000 characters have been sanctioned for third party program usage and over 30 billion adena has been seized from 19 accounts in both Aria and Blackbird servers. This action was based on the continuous intensive investigation from the Lineage II SEA GM Team in which the said “bank” accounts are the ones responsible for fueling RMT spammers in town, which cause item price increase (economic inflation) and too much botting.
AMDG finally shows its teeth and muscle! I'm hoping that the company continues it's streak against these sellers.

Kudos to you guys!


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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gracia Update: Kamaloka

Since we're still waiting for AMDG to give us the Gracia update, we'll have to content ourselves in the meantime with what others in NA and Korea are going through now.

It's a treat then that Lineage 2 Fansite has a vid of Kamaloka, the new instanced hunting ground. Guys from Lineage 2 SEA, see the future here, now!

Gracia - nová hunting zone - Kamaloka from on Vimeo.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Lineage 2 SEA is a year old

Yep, according to HGM Gilrain, it's Lineage 2 SEA's first birthday. Congratulations to AMDG, iPlay Asia & Trade, Cubetech, and NCSoft for bringing to us such a grand game.

There's been a lot of challenges (crit errors, bots, RMT), we've a lost a lot of people (both on the players and management side), but we're all still here. I hope that we can continue to expand and grow in population.

To celebrate this event, below is the first sighted Lineage 2 ad. Please remember to pause the mp3 player on the right bar.

Thanks to the guys at Lineage 2 Fansite!


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