Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alcarcalimo Takes a Break

Due to real life concerns, I will be taking a break from my favorite MMORPG, Lineage 2 SEA. I'll be back as soon as my financial situation stabilizes a bit.

Until then...

How to Retain Lineage 2 SEA Gamers and Get New Ones

There's been a lot of talk lately on the Lineage 2 SEA forums on how to retain the current Lineage 2 players and how to inject new blood into the game.

The proposals were the following:
  • More experience at least in the weekends
  • More monster drops
  • More adena drops
  • More marketing campaign
  • Make it Free-to-Play
  • Unite both the Aria and Blackbird servers
All of these are very good suggestions and I will agree with most of them. However, there was one comment that stuck in my mind:

"Deal with the Crit Errors first!"

I guess everyone who's been playing L2 SEA since the Kamael update has gotten Critical Errors while playing.

One of the worst time for this to happen was when I was ganged up by mobs. There I was grinding and doing a massacre on yellow-labeled mobs, when the crit error appeared on my screen. I got so pissed off and worried at the same time: did my character survive? Luckily, I was spending time grinding, what if it happened on a PVP event?

None of the suggestions above would be successful if the product (in this case the game) is not functioning right. I was expecting that with the previous patch and the Community Manager's post on updating the PC's drivers would at least lessen the Crit Errors, but it seems that nothing has changed. This happened even in places where I was running alone in a field! Whether you have a high end PC or not, Crit Errors remain a staple of this game.

I'm really hoping that they would do something about this.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Will This Enable Voice Chat in Lineage 2 SEA?

In the old forums, I remember someone asking for a survey whether they wanted to have voice chat in-game. Of course, a lot of people agreed to it and even suggested Ventrillo or Teamspeak. However, nothing came of it and it died a natural death.

Now with news on the partnering of NCSoft and Vivox (one of the world's best providers of voice chat for online games like World of Warcraft, and Second Life), looks like that reality may come in the near future.
Through this partnership, the NCsoft player community will enjoy market-leading voice chat from Vivox. Players will have the ability to communicate with scalable, full featured voice within and across NCsoft games via an NCsoft branded game communication portal. Vivox will also deliver advanced features such as voice fonts, voice mail and in-and-out of game communication via regular phones and text messages.
However, the question will be, is that, will this be implemented in Lineage 2 SEA or will it be included in future NCSoft games like Aion? I'm hoping that it will come here soon, but most likely, they'll try it out at the NA and Korea servers first. It'll be up to AMDG and iPlayAsia to push the envelope and request that we be included as soon as possible.
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Monster Race Track=Flea Market??

I've been playing Lineage 2 SEA for a few months now and I've read a lot of things about the Monster Race Track (MRT) and all of them bad. Instead of players going there to bet on races (and probably earning adena) you'll see this:

Lineage 2 SEA Monster Race Track

Where's Arcalcalimo?

You can hardly see me in the screenshot with all these sellers here!

I'm not saying that selling is bad, it's actually good for the game's economy, it's just that the place has totally lost its significance as a racing track. It's now become a flea market. There were proposals in the forums that a real market place be set up where traders and buyers can go to. Unfortunately, the reason why this place is such a hit for the traders is that you can teleport here for free.

I suggest that a market place be set up in a town somewhere where every trader can ply their wares. Of course, it means that the teleport there should be free because it'll be useless if you spend adena just to go there. It's like a mall's parking place, it has to be free so the consumers can buy more stuff.

I know that some AMDG or iPlayAsia people read this so I hope my suggestion will be heard.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Treasure Box Event

We got a new event for Lineage 2 SEA, and I'm glad it's not connected to the Kamael update.

It's called the Treasure Box event. Basically, it's like the letters event multiplied by six. There are 6 colored stones that you need to collect from treasure chests. However, these chests are locked and the keys need to be collected from monster drops. PLUS you still need to get other hard-to-get items.

Personal note: Although I do appreciate AMDG and iPlayAsia giving us these in-game events, I would like to suggest that they figure out first, what kind of prizes the players would like. For example, I'm not sure how many players out there would like to wear a Piggy Hat nor a Teddy Bear Hat.

If you haven't seen them before, here's how they'll look like on you:

Pig Hat


Teddy Bear Hat


Thanks to for the pics.

I do hope I'm not pissing off anyone from iPlayAsia nor AMDG because of this.

More details here!
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Monday, May 12, 2008

New Kamael Patch Notes

For those who, like me, opened up the Lineage 2 SEA Launcher and was surprised that it was downloading a patch and wondering what was being downloaded to your favorite game, fret no more! Iplayasia and AMDG just provided us with a Patch note here.

Here's the details. Warning: this deals more with the Kamael than any race:

1. Decrease the penalty of the skill Magic Recovery against the Guilted Body skill of the Kamael, from 30% to 5%.

2. Kamael HP recovery increased from 700HP to 900HP.

2. Essential Spellbooks, Amulet, Blueprint and Battle Manual for level 40-74 can now be bought through every starting villages Gorcery.

4. Level Requirements added to the spellbooks item description.

5. Skill, Item Re-use Time are now announced through the System Message Window.

6. Problem Fixed for the skill Mysterious Cube.

7. Hellbounds NPC Girone, Buron and Bernarde now explains detailed information about Hellbound.

8. Fixed the number of ingredients (Compound Braid, Asofe) needed for the follwowing Equipments:

  • Draconic Bow
  • Sealed Draconic Leather Helmet

9. Clan Hall Authority problems fixed.

10. Clan reputation is now consumed normally when building the Order of Knights.

11. Number of crystal increased when crystalizing Icarus Weapons.

12. Castle Circlet is now non-exchangeable/dropable.

13. Agathion's special skill fixed.

14. The effect of clan death fortune, residence death fortune and apella set
effect has been changed to lessen the chance to lose exp points and
death penalty from pk/monster deaths.

15. Non-sellable items are now not visible when you are selling your stuffs.

16. Dark Water Dragon minion Shade does not respawn when killed.

17. Attacking Shade will agro Dark Water Dragon.

18. If Core's minions move out the boss zone they will return to original spot where they came from.

I'm not sure how this will affect the game, but it sure will make the Kamael's life a bit easier. Will there be any patches specific for the other races?

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Slogan Promo

With the any update there should be promos and in-game events that support it. Here's a new one for the Kamael update:

I joined yesterday and here's my slogan:

"Grinding was never this fun!"

Here are the prizes:

Top Winner

Lineage II Sporty Jacket with Hood (Black)
Lineage II Metal Engraved Pendant
Formal Wear (In-Game Prize)

1st Runner Up

Lineage II Backpack
Lineage II Cap
Strider of Wind (In-Game Prize)

2nd Runner Up

Lineage II Long Sleeves
Lineage II Cell Phone Accessory
Weapon Enchant Scrolls A (In-Game Character Prize)

10 Consolation Prizes

High Grade Life Stones - Level 67

Personal comment on the prizes

Although the Top Winner Prize may seem to be more expensive than the rest, I would rather go for the 1st Runner Up. Why? Just take a look below:

Formal Wear

What does it do? So far I haven't seen anything that adds anything to your character's stats. It's basically a fashion add on.

Wind Strider

What does it do? You get to ride it across town. Makes you look cooler even without any kind of armor.

So what looks cooler? I choose the Wind Strider!
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Free Kamael Installer in GAME Magazine

Yep, I saw Game! Magazine's May issue in Ninemoon's blog and, according to the cover, it includes a free Kamael Installer.

So for those who haven't installed it yet, here's your chance guys! If you're interested to know of other ways you can get the installer, here's some links to help you on your way:
I'm expecting a population upsurge of Kamael newbies in a couple of weeks.

See you in game!
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lineage 2 Mobile


Yes folks, the Lineage 2 players of Japan are lucky like hell. They have Lineage 2 on their mobile phone.
" And the beautiful fantasy world of high-quality graphics, lively sense of realism to the operation of the mobile phone 3 D model also reproduce.
In addition, the original MOBAIRUAPURI unique feature has been implemented, PC Ⅱ a different version of Lineage, a mobile phone can enjoy the fun. With his friends at any time, anywhere "Lineage II" world of adventure! !"
Sorry, I used google translate for this one. You can view the translated page from here.

On a lighter side, Lineage 2 NA did try to develop one a few years ago. Before you click on Play below, Pause the imeem player on the right side bar.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alcarcalimo gets some new threads, weapons, and attitude

I never thought that powerlevelling would be such an addicting thing to do in any MMORPG. Most likely because I never really understood how it felt to have good enough armor or weapons. I usually just get my weapons from the NPCs and never even bothered to buy them from the PCs because knowing them, they've jacked the prices to a hundred million adena or so.

It comes as a surprise that someone in the Lineage 2 SEA community was good-hearted enough to lend me his strongest D-class armor,weapons, and SSDs. He would rather stay anonymous and just say that he's from Clan HimitsuHeiki (translated: Secret Weapon).

From this:

Alcarcalmo enjoying the sights at Fantasy Island

To this bad-ass looking dark elf:

Alcarcalimo enjoying the sights and killing all in his path...

Now, I'm no longer afraid of gankers (well, those who are level 25 and below that is...) and high level aggro monsters.

I also received the Angelo Halo that came in with the boxed set last Tuesday night. Here's what I look like: doesn't look too cool on me

Yep, it would've looked way cooler on an elf or human. Dwarves and orcs should stay away from this fashion accessory. So what I did is I gave it away to the person who lent me his stuff. He looked way cooler wearing it anyway.

Thanks again! You know who you are!
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