Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alcarcalimo, the Palus Knight

I just had to post this this morning, as of today 12:34 AM, Alcarcalimo is now a Palus Knight:

Alcarcalimo the Phallus...I mean...the Palus Knight

What does this mean for me and Alcarcalimo? I guess now, I'll be able to wear my D-class armor. Unfortunately I couldn't afford one yet, so I'm stuck with my old pre-Palus Knight armor. I thought the Shadow weapons were great. Although the fun just lasted 90 minutes; it was a good thing that I wasn't in the heat of battle in a far away place when my sword turned to dust.

I need to grind some more and get the proper weapons and armor for Alcarcalimo.
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Promo extension and why I haven't been posting lately

Yes, why the heck was I not posting since the Kamael Update? Well, guys I 've been grinding like all the rest of you. I'm also making sure that I use the Forever in Ether (FIE) promo to its hilt.

Talking about the FIE promo, a lot of players requested that it be extended to one more week because of the following:
  • Their Kamael still hasn't leveled-up enough yet. The whole race might be decimated by the other races once the FIE promo closes.
  • Critical Errors and sudden shutdowns have really bogged down the game. I personally experienced this a lot for the last three days and it really did not help with my playing experience at all. Although I've been using Alcarcalimo (my Dark Elf) since April 15, I'm still below Level 20 because of all these errors I'm getting.
Lo and behold AMDG listened to us players and has extended the promo up until May 6! See details here!

Thanks to AMDG! See you online!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lineage II: the Kamael Collector’s Edition Box Review

Collector's Edition boxes target freaks.

So here I am, gleefully giving away the remaining money I have to buy the Lineage II: the Kamael Collector’s Edition box. Some of you may be wondering if it's worth it. Well, to help the undecided, I've done a review of the boxed set for you guys.

First off, please accept my apologies for the really grainy, greeny pictures: my mobile phone sucks. Here's the box about to be ripped to shreds:

It's thin and light (like a Kamael, heheh). The print is detailed and clear. The back of the box provides info that iPlay Asia should've posted on the site; believe me when I say they would've convinced more people to buy the set, if they did.

Now let's open the darned thing!

On the left is the "exclusive" Kamael Guide, on top is the installer, and on the right is the Time Card and Doggie Tags. Let's deal with them one by one.

The doggie tag looks well made. It's light and shiny, but if you're no Kamael user, you might not want to wear this. The Time Card is made of PVC with an image of a Kamael; it feels like a credit card. Both are nice.

The "exclusive" guide is what I'm most disappointed in. The print was sub standard, the information was already in the website. well, we ARE a year late with this game, so I understand completely. They could've made this guide look better instead of this pamphlet I'm holding now.

The installer! Here's a screen shot of what you'll expect when you load it:

I'm not sure about those who downloaded the installer, if they got to see the same thing, but it's got a lot of goodies in it such as wallpapers, 3 videos. I wonder if anyone can copy the background music from this DVD.

Well, those are my thoughts regarding this boxed set. In my point of view, it is worth it.

What about you?
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tomorrow: The Kamael Lands on SEA

Are you ready for their coming?

Are you going to be one of them or are you going against them?

It's time to prove our mettle as Lineage 2: The Kamael lands on South East Asian shores, tomorrow: April 22, 2008.

Below are the promos related to this new installment:
See you online.
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The Grind Tip #2: Mucking Around with Macros

Macros in Lineage 2 are rarely discussed in the net, yet they can tremendously help in Player vs. Environment (PvE) situations and in some Player vs. Player (PvP) ones as well.

When you google: Macro Lineage 2, 85% point to Bots, Cheats, Bugs, RMT, and all that filth. It's a cool thing though that iPlay Asia Community Portal has an article on it. I was also able to get a video from youtube on how to do a macro:

Remember my Grind Tip #1 regarding using the Hot Key slots? Well, I plan to make it even easier (yeah, I know freaking lazy) by incorporating all of it under one macro. So last night until today, I kept on experimenting differnt macros before I went outside to test it on some orcs.

Alcarcalimo: Confused

I wanted the following to happen in the following order using just ONE HOTKEY:
  1. Equip my bow
  2. Shoot my target with a Power Shot
  3. Shoot with a normal bow shot
  4. Equip both my shield and sword
  5. Attack my opponent
  6. Attack my opponent
  7. Attack with Power Strike
  8. Attack my opponent
  9. Attack my opponent
When I tried this out in the field I kept on un-equipping my bow. So I decided that I'll walk around with no weapon equipped. When I focus on a target then I use my hotkey macro and do my dirty work.

So far, it's succeeding. I'll post more combo macros as soon as I get them.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lineage 2 SEA Newsletter?

Forgive me for my ignorance folks, but I didn't know that Lineage 2 SEA had a newsletter.

I had to dig this up in this news article. According to the cover it's April 2008 Issue 1, so this would be the premiere issue. Was there an announcement? They could've been able to get more response from the Lineage 2 SEA community if they did. I hope they can provide us with more information in the May issue.

Do they have more pages or info than a Kamael Update-related promo? I honestly did not even know this promo existed. Is this part of a particular quest? I read here from the old forums that it was discontinued. Will they go ahead with this once the Kamael's out and about on April 22 or is this dead in the water?
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Win a Gaming PC!

Forgot to mention this one.

AMDG has a promo in relation with the Kamael Update. It's basically a raffle where you stand to win quite a lot of cool IRL and in-game items.

The prize depends on when you opened an account.

If you started playing on or after April 1, you can win these uber cool prizes:

Beginner's Flight Prizes:

    One (1) winner of a Gaming PC worth Php 50,000.00 and Full D-grade armor set (in game items.)

Consolation Prizes:

    Five (5) winners of one (1) Demonic Circlet in-game items.

I'm all for the Gaming PC. Lord, knows I need a new one.

For the vets or those who have been playing the game before April 1, they can win the following prizes:

Journeyman's Legacy Prizes:
1st Prize- One (1) winner of an A-grade in-game weapon of the player’s choice and a gaming mouse worth Php 3,000.00

2nd Prize- One (1) winner of an A-grade in-game armor of the player’s choice and a gaming mouse worth Php 3,000.00

3rd Prize- One (1) winner of ten (10) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B) in-game items choice and a gaming mouse worth Php 3,000.00

Consolation Prizes- Fifty (50) winners of one (1) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C) in-game item.

I'm freaking lucky I started on April 15. Although, personally, the vets should also have a chance to win the PC. This will make it fair for everyone else.

What do you guys think?

Details here
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New Template

Well, do you like it? I LOVE it! It's just got the right character to fit the information I'll be putting up here: Lineage 2 SEA.

If you have a blogger account, I HIGHLY recommend you go to Blogger Buster! Amanda, the site's blogger provides a wealth of info on how to make your blogger account better than you ever thought.

Go to her site now!
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Forums are Up!

Yaay! The forums are up and about again. Unfortunately it looks like the old posts have disappeared. That's too bad, there were quite a lot of info and history taken out because of the change.

Hmmm...there's something written by Yukino in the Welcome Page that seems to get my attention...

Of course we also have promos, events, and what not waiting for you this year! Let's see, we will have a Kamael Slogan Contest, Girl Gamer of the Month, hmm... Clan of the Month, then the much-awaited Battle Tournament to mention a few. Oh wait, Adena Art Contest! These are no ordinary promos and contests btw, we're giving away in-game items, iPlay L2 Merchandise, and who knows.. even cold cash!

Well, I have to re-register now. FYI: I'll be using Alcarcalimo as my user name.

See you there!
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April 22: Busy day for Lineage 2 SEA fans

Yep, besides the launching of the Kamael update and the Collector's Boxed Set, AMDG, the carrier of Lineage 2 in the Philippines, will be opening up a lot of in-game events and promos.

First up is the 2X increase in Exp, SP, and better monster drops. Yaaay! This one I likee!

Another in-game event is the Alphabet Event. You have to collect various letters from monsters. If you collect letters that form either Lineage II or Throne, then you stand to get some cool in-game prizes. The prizes are nice but it seems like a grindfest for me. Oh well, who am I to talk anyway.

And lastly, this promo is for those who have little adena (me included). You can now teleport to special hunting grounds for less adena. The only problem is, they don't have a list of these "special hunting" grounds yet. I'll post them as soon as I get a list on April 22.

My comment to all this swarming of promos and events: Great! I'm just hoping that they continue on doing this the whole year round to ensure that the L2SEA players have more things to do rather than do quests, gank, and grind.
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The Grind Tip #1: Change weapons on the go

Pullin' the thread

Man, levelling up in this game is really hard. I've been trying to level up for the last 2 hours from 10 to 12. Yeah, it's an hour of killing Wolves, Elder Wolves, Orcs, Orc Grunts, and Werewolves.

What made my day was that I was able to practice using the bow and then immediately changing to shield and sword in a few milliseconds. For the beginners out there, all you do is drag your shield, sword/dagger/club, to the hotkeys. For example, from the image above, I placed my sword on the F6, my shield on F7, and my bow on F8. Once done equip your bow and arrow.

Pick an enemy who's far away from his kind. Orcs and Werewolves tend to attack in groups if you're not careful. Once you shoot him with your arrow and he gets near enough, quickly use your hotkeys to enable both your sword and shield to be equipped. If you're lucky, you'll just need one hack at him before he dies.

Well, after a few hours, I'm 12 and I need to write some more articles for my day job.
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I nearly pissed in my pants...

As my old dick of a boss used to say, Jesus H. Christ! They're planning on selling a Kamael Collector's Edition Boxed Set! I never read or heard any kind of news like this from the other MMORPG Companies here in the Philippines.

This is crazy! Besides the installer, the buyer will be getting the following items:
  • Angel Halo - Exclusive In-Game Item--wouldn't it be cool if a Dark Elf had an angel halo?
  • Limited Edition Kamael Dog Tag Necklace---something to wear when I go to Lineage 2 SEA events.
  • Kamael Limited Series: 30-Day Game Time Card---it's got an exclusive art work and it's made out of PVC!
  • Limited Edition Kamael Game Guide--not really a Kamael Lover, but probably something I can use against a Kamael in the future, hehehe...know your enemy.
It's only available on April 22. I'm planning on going to their offices on that day to buy one. Of course I'm going to post some pics as soon as I get home. Yahoo!!!
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lineage 2 Forum: Closed

Well, they did warn us that theywill be closing down the forums. It's supposed to be a good thing because I read that they're planning to put up a better forum. The only problem is you need to re-register. I was unable to read if the posts will be deleted as well. I hope not because there's a wealth of info out there that both newbies and vets alike can learn from.

Let's wait for the 18th and hope for the best.
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Kamael Installer: Download Page and More News

Yaay! Finally AMDG has placed a download page for the Kamael Installer. They also put in the link that I saw earlier.

Another plus was that they posted a page step-by-step guide on how to get an installer and then actually how to install it. Haven't tried downloading anything through FTP yet though. Is it faster?

Weird, I see these updates in the main page and they all reflect April 15, 2008; 3:00 PM. When in fact I read these news a day or so later. Hmmm...
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Kamael Installer: Torrent

I just read from the forums that they were able to set up a torrent for the Kamael Installer in Pirate Bay. Here's the link, for those in SEA who would like to get it through Bittorrent.

Please remember to seed! I'm downloading it now as I speak.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kamael Installer: on DVD only?

I read in Lineage 2 SEA website that they're planning to give out Kamael Installers on the O-zine Event. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Does this mean I won't be able to install the new update?

There's still no note from the site whether they plan to make it available for download. I know it's going to take me another few days to fully download the file, but I think it's worth it. I do hope they change their minds soon.
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Here's where it starts

Hi, thanks for coming in.

This is my first post on my Lineage 2 character's journey to becoming a Spectral Dancer. The Dark Elf, Alcarcalimo. His name is the elf's translation for alcar "glory, splendour, brillance"and calima "bright". Although I will have to admit that a Dark Elf with a name that signifies bright light can be confusing.

Here's a picture of him at Level 10:


Why Lineage 2? It's got great graphics, well thought of background story, and the details are just so crazy. I'm falling in love with it. I would've gladly taken this on during its Closed Beta (CB) or Open Beta Phase (OP), but was just so busy at work.

Why am I creating this character so near the new Lineage 2 SEA launch of Kamael? I just decided to join the game again after a long hiatus because of pending day jobs. Besides, I have no plans of going Kamael on anyone yet and I just love Dark Elves more.

Why a Spectral Dancer (SD)?
Well, I've always wanted to be support rather than a Damage Dealer (DD), besides, players would gladly accept supports rather than DDs (there's quite a number of them running around I heard).

I'm expecting quite a lot once the Kamael updates come in. Hopefully there's going to be a system that will deal with botting, gankers, and Real Money Trading (RMT) in-game. I know it's next to impossible, but Asian Media Development Group (AMDG) and NCSoft has to take this seriously....arrrghhh I'll take up that issue on another post.

Anyways hope you can join me online one day and let's form a party. Just whisper "Alcarcalimo" in the Aria Server.

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